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Can this service be beaten?

To be frank, if you or anyone else expect to make bigger long term profits from the sport of kings than those already proven by this service, then we believe that you would be expecting far too!

However, we do expect to build on our success in the coming years and months and continue to make handsome profits for all our members, in which case we will be very, very happy!

It must be like a mine field at the moment for those of you who are looking for a GENUINE TIPSTER service with so many part-time tipsters around of dubious reputation perhaps. There are 1OO’s of them who merely run a service to subsidise another profession. Clearly these part-timers are not fully committed to or successful enough in their Racing Tipster work if another occupation is required to underpin it. Make no mistake about it, this profession takes 1OO% dedication and commitment to succeed!

In contrast, I personally spend 1OO% of my professional life working on this service and enjoy the success my full involvement brings.  I am a 1OO% FULL TIME Professional Horse Racing Tipster and none of my working life is spent doing any other work, either in racing or in any other profession! ….. To be a Professional Tipster anyone must be incredibly disciplined and methodical!

I personally guarantee to you that my company will provide some superb GENUINE Horse Racing Information and that information can be made available direct to YOU from TODAY

Why is PERSONAL INFO better than other tipping services?

ALL of our information is included on the one PERSONAL INFO MAINLINE SERVICE.!  We are not like most other companies  who set up multiple different services run by the same firm;  we like to keep things simple!   If you join our service you will receive ALL SELECTIONS including: FLAT, NH, IRISH, AW, plus ALL of our MAXIMUM BETS with just the one subscription.

Basically there are two kinds of Racing Advisory Services available in this industry.  There are those who pass on insider information only and those who will use their own statistics and form study etc. The PERSONAL INFO Services is run somewhere in between those two.  The insider information that we receive is initially used in order to assess which are the races that we need to concentrate on each day.  This information gives us the added edge we require to make this profession pay handsome rewards in the long term.  Once we have received the information we will then work hard on those races mainly to eliminate or find negatives about horses running against us.  Therefore, making sure that on most occasions we will be able to obtain far better prices for the horses that we wish to get on – in other words VALUE!