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Long term PROVEN STATS going back over 12 years & 3 Months: +£199,254*

The PERSONAL INFO mainline service now also recorded proven stats going back over 12 years (12 years 8 months) and can boast Total Proven Profits of almost 1,000 points (996.27) from March 2005 up to and including October 2017 (so far at the 28th).

However, HERE is a BREAKDOWN of our PROVEN PROFIT and LOSS to various betting levels:
Please view below some illustrated profits figures using our professional staking plan to various other betting levels with our proven profits.  These figures go to prove that our members don’t necessarily need to stake large amounts in order to make some really serious profits using this PROFESSIONAL SERVICE:

Any member betting to a level of ONLY £50 per point during the above timescale he/she would have made a profit of +£49,814
£75 per point in the above timescale he/she would have made a profit of over +£74,720
£100 per point he/she would have made an handsome profit of +£99,627
£200 per point he/she would have made an incredible profit of just over +£199,254 during this period alone.

These are CLEAR PROFIT figures and are inclusive of any losing bets and remember that profits made from betting is TOTALLY TAX FREE in the UK!.

How many other Tipping/Advisory Services do you believe will be willing to show you every horse advised and ALL of their PROFIT and LOSS stats IN FULL going back over 13 years!?
……..Try Asking Them To Find Out?….You may find out that it’s probably very few!?

However, if you DO take you’re betting seriously!?, then there is no time for YOU to waste as it is vitally important that YOU do not miss out on even more fully expected PROFITS!  If you have been intending on joining us, but are not quite sure!? – We advise that you don’t wait too long as we fully expect to be claiming even bigger profits in the coming months and years, so it may be advantageous for you to Join Us Now!

…To JOIN NOW with a Limited 10% Discount Offer please use this link: and enter the promo code: 699 on the online form.

ALL PERSONAL INFO selections are advised as WIN or EW BETS (very occasionally; Forecasts and Doubles) ……More importantly, we don’t advise any LAY BETS just to boost up our strike rate like some other Tipping/Advisory services seem to like doing.

The importance of a long-term subscription:
Although, we do have options for new members to join PERSONAL INFO for a shorter term!
We do advise that new members join us for at least a 6-month term if possible in order too full appreciate this excellent service.

One thing is for sure and that is that The PERSONAL INFO stats don’t lie and the stats include all horse bets advised on the service, including any losing bets…..and the profits generated are ALL TAX-FREE in the UK!

Proofing Of Our Selections:
ALL Personal Info selection(s) are PROOFED in advance of running to: The Racing Post, and other independent tipster monitors and organisations, and in turn all our selections are independently audited in accordance with CAP notes and guidance on Tipster Proofing. CAP is the industry facing sister organisation to the Advertising Standards Authority, therefore, you are assured that all our claims are 100% accurate at the time of this detailed report. Can this service be beaten? To be frank, if anyone expects to make BIGGER profits than the above from the sport of kings, then we think that they would be expecting far to much and would in fact be just plain greedy!  Although, we do expect to make around about the same figures or maybe even slightly more over the same timescale in the coming years and months, in which case we will be very, very happy! …….Start investing you’re money into a proven, profitable and reliable service from TODAY!


.…Incredibly the minimum subscription fee for the FULL SERVICE is just £169 for 1 month service

Although, a FULL 2 YEARS MEMBERSHIP is much better value at £1,992.  This is the equivalent of ONLY £83 per month Pro-Rata which represents

We also have terms available for 36 or 12 months membership terms, please view our full MEMBERSHIP Subscription Rates below:

The minimum subscription fee for 1 month membership: £169
3 month membership fee: £489
6 month
 membership fee: £798
1 year membership fee: £1320
2 years membership fee: £1992
The 2 year option is the equivalent to ONLY £83 per month pro-rata
All terms include a SMS text and or email ALERT as a courtesy as and when each advise made.

15 Saturday’s Only: £149
30 Saturday’s Only: £239
1 year Saturday’s Only: £309
2 years Saturday’s Only: £499
The 2 year option is the equivalent to ONLY £4.80 per week pro-rata (499/104= 4.80)
All terms include a SMS text and or email ALERT as a courtesy as and when each advise made.

No need to worry about repeat billing with this website!

……You will be invited to renew around the time that your membership expires
We don’t take auto repeat payments …we feel that is wrong and you should be able to make your own mind up whether or not to renew as and when.

You can JOIN NOW via the link below:


Alternatively, you can also pay by Cheque/Cash through the postal service.
Please make payable to: PERSONAL INFO
Send To:

Please include your mobile for SMS ALERTS!

All terms also now include an SMS and or EMAIL text ALERT to your mobile and or inbox every time there is a new advice added.

Many thanks for taking the time to read my homepage.  We have been running this service successfully now for well over 12 years, which is testimony in itself as we have seen continued profitability.  We have built up a service which is long-standing with loyal members who know when they are on to a good thing!

Please feel free to take a long look around my site; I can ensure you that ALL our claims and statistics are 100% accurate and genuine.  I have included a Q&A page but I am always happy to answer any other questions you may have about my service.

Please send any other questions you may have about my service to directly to me via this contact form:

Kind Regards

Kevin Mather (Director)

To take up a 10% discount with the promo code: 699 via this link:

Proven Profits on All Mainline bets from March 2005 up to and including October 2017 at £200pp stakes = +£199,254*
pp = per point.  996.27pts of proven profits recorded x £200pp: +£199,254*….Claims made on 28/10/17. 

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