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Period Monitored: From August 2007-December 2011 (19th).

Personal Info’s proofing record has been excellent for many years, adhering to strict Advertising Standards Agency proofing standards. Every email we receive for proofing includes screenshots of the price at odds comparison firms and the individual bookmakers advised. This is a record that we would consider to be particularly bullet-proof in terms of its verifiability.

Truth be told, we are obviously very sceptical of adverts such as the one Kevin placed in the Racing Post:

Racing Post Adv

but at least in this case, we are pleased to confirm that Personal Info’s results, conform to the promotion and cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Our sense of Kevin Mather is that he is a colourful character and a fierce defender of his service’s merits. From his point of view that is perfectly acceptable.
My sense of him is that after four years proofing his service that he has mellowed with age. His service too has embraced that sea change. Text messages have been added to his service and has a current discount.

We are always quick to criticise poor customer service and sharp practice here at SBC so, we should be equally quick to give credit where it is due. Kevin Mather has shown a willingness to work with his membership and provide the kind of service we’d expect given the cost of fees and there is a sense of progression with this service which is a good sign that this particular tipster is not resting on his laurels and is hungry to improve his offer.

Service Results:  When it comes to Personal Info’s results there is a bit of a hidden trade-off that is probably worth a greater deal over time than would be immediately apparent.  However, with PI proving to be past masters in avoiding the dreaded interminable losing runs that dog every racing service to one degree or another it is perfectly possible to stake relatively aggressively off a medium sized betting bank with a decent degree of confidence.

On another note, the steady returns generated from regular winners cannot be under-estimated. Very few punters can focus solely on the long-term bottom line – despite what they say to the contrary, I suspect. Many would gladly sacrifice some profit for the reduction in risk and a less bumpy ride en route. That, in a nutshell is what you get with PI. It is a very solid, very consistent performer that is amassing a great long-term record with us over time.

Odds ranges – How The Selections’ Prices Effect Returns:
Personal Info base the lion’s share of their staking (basically 75%) below the 3/1 line. They also seem to have the odds spread of their selections about right from the perspective of their finding consistent bread and butter winners with the odd loud one at a big price popping up from time to time, for good measure.

You can certainly consistently back 10/1 shots that should be 4/1 but at the head of the market the bookies are unlikely to chalk up too many genuine evens chances at 5/2. It is basically harder to win money from value bets at the top of the market – essentially, the multiplying effects of big priced winners goes a lot further pound for pound. Albeit, the road to the endpoint is a distinctly more rocky one.

What Kevin Mather does exceptionally well is balance risk v reward ratios and the sometimes conflicting need for regular, morale boosting winners for his clients. It’s a good package all told.

Summary:  Many punters, especially novice ones, simply struggle to stay the course long enough with most tipsters to enjoy the good times on account of the attritional effects of long losing runs in between. However, A Personal Info winning bet rate of 46% is certainly impressive by any measure and for someone who especially wants the comfort of short losing runs, Personal Info might well just provide the perfect solution.

….Rating: Buy

The above is an extract from The Secret Betting Club (SBC) review on us (Personal Info) dated 19th December 2011.




.…Incredibly the minimum subscription fee for the FULL SERVICE is just £169 for 1 month service


Although, a FULL 2 YEARS MEMBERSHIP is much better value at £1,992.  This is the equivalent of ONLY £83 per month Pro-Rata which represents


We also have terms available for 3, 6 or 12 months membership terms, please view our full MEMBERSHIP Subscription Rates below:


The minimum subscription fee for 1 month membership: £169
3 month membership fee: £489
6 month
membership fee: £798
1 year membership fee: £1320
*2 years membership fee: £1992
*The 2 year optionis the equivalent to ONLY £83 PER MONTH pro-rata
All terms include a SMS text and or email ALERT as a courtesy when each advise made.


10 Saturday’s Only: £109
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100 Saturday’s Only: £459


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Once again many thanks for your interest shown in my service.


Kind Regards


Mr Kevin Mather (Director)


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