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STAKING: All Personal Info MAINLINE bets.  Although, our accrual staking plan does still state 1 to 12 points our average stake over the last 28 has on been 1.33pts per bet since the start of August 2014 up to and including November 2016.  Stats correct at 01 December 2016.

It is the choice of each individual member to decide on what unit stakes to use. For EXAMPLE: We have many members who stake £100pp some a lot more.  So a member using stakes of £100pp will have an average stake of around £133 per bet.

If you wish to use smaller stakes then using £50pp your average stake will be around £66.50p per bet. . We advise that you choose a level of staking that you can easily afford and then stick to that level of staking for your membership term. However, we know that some members do like to increase their staking when they feel more comfortable with our service. But, we strongly advise that you don’t increase your staking too quickly, if you must increase your staking then do it gradually. For EXAMPLE: If your first month with us is successful and we made a 15pts profit and you were using only using £50pp stakes you would have made a £750 profit in the first month, however, if in the second month you increased your staking too high and jumped right up to £100pp then you would leave your profits and betting bank exposed to a losing run, as losing only -5pts in the second month would lose £500 of the profits already made in your first month.

All our profit and loss statistics on our website are illustrated at £100 per point with no increasing or decreasing of the staking plan. We do have quite a few members who use £100 per point stakes with some using even larger stakes and others much smaller stakes, some members even staking as low as around ONLY £10 per point. In other words everyone has different betting levels; however, from information received from members we do know that most members will stake around £75 per point! We really do feel that the best policy is for YOU to establish your own staking level that you will feel comfortable with and stick to that level of staking for at least 3 months as we will have the inevitable losing run from time to time, as will any service.

However, our long term proven profit and loss figures don’t lie and are 100% accurate and genuine. Therefore, please take a closer look at the stats on our website by down loading the spread sheets provided, if you are unable to view or can’t download  any spread sheets then please request via this email address:

We hope this has been a guide to help you decide on your own personal staking. Please always remember that betting on horse racing and all sports is a gamble and we at PERSONAL INFO advise you strongly to never back with money you that cannot afford to lose. We are not a service that has a record of going on long losing runs like some other services, so most of the time we will actually be reinvesting from winnings made from previous successful bets, however, we do know that some members like to have a betting bank. This is money that they have put to one side and will not back beyond. Therefore, if you wish to use a betting bank then we would suggest that 50 times the level of unit stake that you wish to back too should easily be sufficient to combat any inevitable losing run. Example: £25 per point x 50 = a £1,250 betting bank or if you intend to back at a much higher level then £100pp x 50 = £5,000.