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Questions put to Kevin Mather Director of Personal-Info by Michelle Roberts Head Of Research at More Money Review ( dated 27/01/16

Q1. When did you start betting and were you a fan of the sport as a kid?
Answer:  Late 1970’s when I was 18 or 19

I started betting because I enjoyed watching horse racing, especially the Grand National, and as a kid I remember watching FOINAVON Win at 100/1 after the rest of the field either fell, refused, hampered or brought down at the 23rd fence.  The fence was officially named “The Foinavon” in 1984.

Q2. What made you decide to set up the Personal Info service? How long has that been going for now?
Answer: I used to be a subscriber to racing advisory services for several years, most of whom claimed to have access to stable information and betting plots but, although some had good runs, most were poor in the long term. I knew that I could do much better with my own knowledge of the form book and even better with added stable and betting information. Therefore, I started recruiting my confidants by placing “INFORMATION WANTED” advertisements in the PERSONAL columns of racing newspapers, hence the name of the service: PERSONAL INFO.

I started the service in the late 1990’s

Q3. For our members who haven’t heard of the Personal Info service before, can you explain what it is and how it operates?
Answer:  The Personal Info Service is a Racing Advisory/Tipping Service.
There are 2 options:
1,  The Mainline Service which includes ALL advised bets
2, The Saturdays Only Service for those who only wish to back on a Saturday (normally best racing)

We advise our selections as part of a staking plan which, if followed, has generated a steadily increasing profit. We operate online via our website with information also sent via Email and/or SMS ALERTS as and when uploaded.

Q4. Why should our members join your service over any other service? What makes it worthy of their time and money?
Answer:  Basically there are two kinds of Racing Advisory Services available; those who pass on insider information only and those who will use their own statistics and form study etc. The PERSONAL INFO Services is run somewhere in between them. The insider information that we receive is initially used in order to decide which races we need to concentrate on each day, giving us the added edge we require to make this profession pay handsome rewards in the long term. Once we have received the information we will then work hard on those races mainly to eliminate or find negatives about horses running against us, making sure that on most occasions we will be getting far better prices for the horses that we want to get involved with – in other words VALUE! However, that could and does work the other way from time to time when we find positive things about horses running against those that we have had inside information about. In these instances, we then need to decide either to give those races a swerve or very occasionally advise Dutching in a race. Dutching, (reputedly named after Al Capone’s accountant), is a method used to back more than one horse in a race where the stakes advised on each horse ensure that no matter which of them win, approximately the same return will be generated.

The Personal Info Mainline Service has a proven track record going back almost 11 years (10 year 11 Months) as at of going to press on 27/01/16.  Our latest Mainline Service report on our recorded PROVEN profits can be viewed via this link:

Q5A. How many members do you have on your service? Do you have any issues with liquidity when
Answer:  We have an easily manageable amount of members on our mainline service as we have not done any display advertising in the Racing Post now for many years. However, we may need to limit the amount of The Saturday’s Only members in the near future. This being because ALL mainline members obviously already receive the Saturday bets as part of the mainline service (All Bets). Therefore, that may cause us a problem at some point in the future, hence, the reason that we sometimes advise the Saturday bets when possible late on Friday afternoon if prices are already available. Therefore, at the moment we have no liquidity problems. However, I would advise anyone interested in joining The Saturdays Only Service to join sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. The Saturdays Only Service started in August 2014 and a full list of all horses advised can be found on our website.    

Q5A. Who would you say your service is suitable for – beginners or those with more experience?
Answer:  The Personal Info Service is suitable for both beginners and those with more experience of betting. We advise staking, and were to obtain the best prices, and pre-race comment as to why we advise each bet

Q6. What sized betting bank do people need to follow your service?
Answer:  This is guide to help you decide on your own personal staking. We are not a service that has a record of going on very long losing runs like some other services, so most of the time we will actually be reinvesting from winnings already made from previous successful bets, however, we do know that some members like to have a betting bank. This is money that they have put to one side and will not back beyond. We would advise a betting bank 75 times the level of unit stake that you wish to back too should easily be sufficient to combat any inevitable losing run. Example: £50 per point x 75 = a £3,750 betting bank or if you intend to back at £100pp x 75 = £7,500. Our average stake since August 2014 on our mainline service (I used Aug 14 as this is the month that we started the Saturdays Only Service, so it makes it easier to compare both services) to present day (27/01/16) has been around 1.4pts per bet.

We have many members who stake £100pp some a lot more, some only £50pp. Therefore, those staking £100pp since August 2014 would have been staking on average around £140 per bet.

We advise that you choose a level of staking that you can easily afford and then stick to that level of staking throughout your current membership term. However, we know that some members do like to increase their staking as and when they feel more comfortable with our service. However, if you fall into this category we strongly advise that you don’t increase your staking too quickly as that holds dangers. For EXAMPLE: If your first month with us is successful and we made say 10pts profit and you were using only £50pp stakes you would have made a £500 profit in the first month, however, if in the second month you increased your staking too high and jumped right up to £100pp then you would leave your profits and betting bank exposed to a losing run, as losing only -5pts at the start of the second month would lose all of the profits already made in your first month. So we advise that you increase your staking gradually.

The profit and loss statistics on our website are illustrated at £100 per point with no increasing or decreasing. However, we do know that everyone has different betting levels, but we really do feel that the best policy is for YOU to establish your own staking level that you will feel comfortable with and stick to that level of staking for at least 3 months as we will have the inevitable losing run from time to time, as will any service.

However, our long term proven profit and loss figures don’t lie and are 100% accurate and genuine. Therefore, please take a closer look at the stats on our website by down loading the spread sheets provided, if you are unable to view or can’t download any spread sheets then please request via this email address:

Q7. This is a question we ask everyone we interview – “Why would anyone offer tipping services, as if the selections are so good they should be able to make enough from them alone”. What is your opinion on this?
Answer:  I have been asked this question a few times in the past and it’s a fair question. But, the simple answer from my own personal point of view is that I love running my Racing Advisory/Tipping Service and being one of the best professional tipsters, and I have made a business and a career from doing something I really love doing. The question is a bit like asking a professional footballer who gets paid over £250,000 a week why does he want to keep playing football when he’s already a multi-millionaire, and 99% of them would almost certainly answer – that they love being a professional footballer.  In my case I love being a professional horse racing tipster.

Q8. You don’t offer a refund, something a lot of our members are wary of. Can you explain why you don’t offer a refund?
Answer:  We don’t offer refunds, but this is not through lack of goodwill but because fixed costs are incurred and betting information is paid for irrespective of results.

Q9. Do you have any advice for any other budding tipsters out there – is tipping something you’d advise others to get in to?
I wouldn’t advise anyone one to start a new Racing Advisory/Tipping Service, because if you are very, very good you will be another competitor in a now already over congested industry….only joking, but you will need to spend lots of time running the service if you wish to be successful. I myself spend all of my working life working on this service. I don’t work elsewhere and run a tipping service in my spare time like some others like to do.

Q10. What’s the most memorable bet you’ve ever placed.
Answer:  I remember I backed Burrough Hill Lad with some sizable bet to win The Cheltenham Gold Cup back in 1984.  He was trained by Jenny Pitman who later described him at his peak as resembling “a Rolls-Royce against stock cars”.

Q11. What’s next for you and your service. Do you have any plans for 2016?
My plans for 2016 is to better our outstanding figures produced in 2015:
98 WINNERS from 223 races = a WIN race STRIKE RATE of 43.9%.
98 WINNERS from 238 horses = a WIN STRIKE RATE of 41.2%
Plus we also had 35 horses placed advised in Each-Way bets = a return on 133 horses.
A return on 133 from 238 = a return Strike Rate of 56% from all horse bets advised
Total profit: +69.05
ROI: 21.9%
Profit from £100pp stakes = + £6,905
Profit from £50pp stakes = + £3,453

End Of Questions!

Great thanks Kevin, the issue will be put together and laid out next Friday ready to go to the printers the following Monday (8th Feb)


Michelle Roberts – Head Of Research at More Money Review


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