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An Introduction to the PERSONAL INFO Racing Advisory Service:
Hello and thank you for your visit today.  My name is Kevin Mather and I run the PERSONAL INFO Racing Advisory Service. I started recruiting my confidants many years ago by placing informationWANTED” advertisements in the PERSONAL columns of racing newspapers, hence the name of the service: PERSONAL INFO.

It must be like a mine field at the moment for those of you who are looking for a GENUINE TIPSTER SERVICE with so many part-time tipsters around of dubious reputation perhaps. There are 1OO’s of them who merely run a service to subsidise, or as an addition to another profession. Clearly these part-timers are not fully committed to or successful enough in their Racing Tipster work if another occupation is required to underpin it. Make no mistake about it, this profession takes 1OO% dedication and commitment to succeed.

In contrast, I personally spend 1OO% of my professional life working on this service and enjoy the success my full involvement brings. I am a 1OO% FULL TIME Professional Horse Racing Tipster and none of my working life is spent doing any other work either in racing or in another additional profession! …..And to be a Professional Tipster anyone must be incredibly disciplined and methodical!

I personally guarantee to you that me and my company can provide some superb GENUINE Horse Racing Information and that information can be made available direct to YOU from TODAY! and that I am a 1OO% GENUINE FULL TIME professional tipster who is incredibly disciplined and methodical!

Why is PERSONAL INFO better than other tipping services?

Basically there are two kinds of Racing Advisory Services available. Those who pass on insider information only!! and those who will use their own statistics and form study etc. The PERSONAL INFO Services is run somewhere in between them. The insider information that we receive is initially used in order to assess which are the races that we need to concentrate on each day, and this information gives us the added edge we require to make this profession pay handsome rewards in the long term. Once we have received the information we will then work hard on those races mainly to eliminate or find negatives about horses running against us. Therefore, making sure that on most occasions we will be getting far better prices for the horses that we want to get involved with – in other words VALUE! However, that could and does work the other way from time to time when we find positive things about horses running against the horses that we have had inside information for. In these instances, we would then need to decide either to give those races a swerve or very occasionally we could advise DUTCHING in a race. DUTCHING is betting more than one horse in the same race with stakes that will generate approximate the same return.  However, if you get on these horses at the advised BOG prices then it could work out that you receive a better return on some horses, but it can’t be less if you are on at BOG.  The primary sport that we will advise bets in will be horse racing, however, we will also advise bets in other sports from time to time ie: Football.

About Our Insider Information/Confidants:
A number of years ago we placed many advertisements in the PERSONAL columns of racing newspapers and other Sporting Publications Personal Columns, with headings such as: “WANTED Genuine High Class Information
We placed these many advertisements with the intention of setting up a Racing Advisory Service. Hence the name of our service: PERSONAL INFO.

In these advertisements we requested applicants to be able to provide
In return we offered them huge incentives such as ODDS-TO bets or agreed advanced retainers to successful applicants. We did have an excellent response to our advertising campaign as well over 25O applicants sent us PERSONAL details of both themselves and the information they indicated that they were privileged to have. Obviously this number was far too great for us as we wanted just a small but reliable number of racing confidants that we could then work closely with. Therefore, to eliminate as many opportunists as possible, we decided to initially request 5 proofs in advance of running! This soon did the trick. We then had a much smaller number of informers to work with. We then needed to spend a lot of our very valuable time in sorting out the initial lucky chancers from the very genuine and reliable Racing Confidants that we now have a very good working relationship with! We have now made agreements with our select group that, providing we keep their names discreet, we can now pass on this very Genuine High Class Horse Racing Information to a very limited number of genuine racing enthusiasts who themselves in turn can promise to take this PRIVATE MEMBERS information for their own PERSONAL use ONLY.

We would now like to invite you and a limited number of other Racing Enthusiasts to JOIN our PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY service. Therefore, If you would like to JOIN US and take our select information, then we have now made the information available to you by advanced subscription terms from 1 month to 2 years to become a member of what we call our MAINLINE SERVICE, this service includes every bet that we advise in our professional staking plan.

You will be able to obtain the selections from the service online via this website, we will also send you a SMS TEXT ALERT if you are not always at your computer.

There are several options of making a quick payment to PERSONAL INFO to ensure that the service is made available to you immediately!
We accept ALL CARDS PAYMENTS online, to use this method please simply click on the “JOIN US” hyperlink which is at the bottom of most page(s) on the site.
Your online payment will be processed by SAGE PAY who have been recommended to us by Barclays Bank PLC.  SAGE PAY are an accredited online payment service provider, and will handle your CREDIT/DEBIT card transaction in a highly secure environment and we PERSONAL INFO will never see your CREDIT/DEBIT CARD details if you join online.  Alternatively, you can call me personally on 01942 707171 and will process your subscription fee over the phone for you.

If you do not wish to use your card online or over the phone. We also have an alternative payment option as well as the postal one.
We now also accept payments direct to our BUSINESS ACCOUNT.  You can make direct payments at any BARCLAYS branch, or if you have access to BACS or PHONE BANKING.  PLEASE REQUEST OUR BANKING DETAILS by email (address Below) or by calling: 01942 707171

PLEASE NOTE: Please email or phone me ASAP if you make your payment by BACS, PHONE BANKING, PAYPAL or MONEYBOOKERS, so that we can set up a USERNAME and PASSWORD for you to start your membership immediately.

You can also make payments by POST!
Simply send in your order along with your CHQ/CASH/CARD No
made payable to PERSONAL INFO

When paying by post please include:
Your Name, Address, A Mobile No for SMS Alerts , email address and your chosen USERNAME and PASSWORD


.…Incredibly the minimum subscription fee for the FULL SERVICE is just £169 for 1 month service

Although, a FULL 2 YEARS MEMBERSHIP is much better value at £1,992.  This is the equivalent of ONLY £83 per month Pro-Rata which represents

We also have terms available for 3, 6 or 12 months membership terms, please view our full MEMBERSHIP Subscription Rates below:

The minimum subscription fee for 1 month membership: £169
3 month membership fee: £489
6 month
membership fee: £798
1 year membership fee: £1320
*2 years membership fee: £1992
*The 2 year optionis the equivalent to ONLY £83 PER MONTH pro-rata
All terms include a SMS text and or email ALERT as a courtesy when each advise made.

10 Saturday’s Only: £109
25 Saturday’s Only: £199
50 Saturday’s Only: £299
100 Saturday’s Only: £459

You can JOIN NOW via the link below:


All terms also now include an SMS and orEMAIL text ALERT to your mobile and or inbox every time there is a new advice added.

Once again many thanks for your interest shown in my service.

Kind Regards

Mr Kevin Mather (Director)

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