Stop Press!…01 June:…Some fantstic tipping on BOTH our services…On The Saturdays Only Service we have advised 5 WINNERS from the last 6 horses, & on our Mainline Service (all bet incl Sats) , we have advised superb 11 WINNERS from the last 21 races that we have got involved in. The good news is that our next fully expected “WINNER”… will run very soon…. You can also take advantage of the current 10% Discount by using the Promo Code: 699Via the Membership Fee Page!….link above.

 …….Breaking News...Wed 21 June 9:15pm….. Boom another GAMBLE landed HEARTACHE WON 7/1 adv > 5/1.
We have now WON 5 out of the last 7 races we have advised in including 7/1 Won.

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We run 2 services The Mainline Service (All Bets incl Sat’s) & The Saturdays Only Service
….Latest Bullet Points on Both Services dated 01 June 2017:
...Mainline Service:  We have now advised a superb 11 WINNERS from the last 21 races that we have advised horses in on our Mainline Service…. This equals a fantastic 52.38% Win Race Strike Rate!.  Plus, we also advise 3 horses that also secured a place return in those last 21 races = a return on race Strike Rate of 66.66%The average advised price of all horses advised in those last 21 races: 3.77 (Almost 4/1)
You can read a full and detailed report on our Mainline Service (all Bet) via this link:
….Saturdays Only Service:  We have now advised a superb 5 WINNERS from the last 6 horses that we have advised on our Saturdays Only Service. This equals a fantastic 83.33% Win Strike Rate!.
You can read a full and detailed report on our Saturdays Only Service via this link:

The good news is that you can also now take advantage of our current 10% Discount on both the Mainline (all bets incl Sat’s) or The Saturdays Only Service by using the Promo Code: 699… Via the Membership Fee Page!….link here:



PERSONAL INFO MAINLINE PROFIT & LOSS stats going back just over 12 years (12 years & 3 months) = Total Profit of +£197,976*

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Recorded PROVEN profits of +£197,976*

Welcome to the new website of  PERSONAL INFO Horse Racing Advisory Service.  Presented and run by Kevin Mather one of the very best professional horse racing tipsters in the industry as the facts will prove. If you are fed up with rubbish horse racing tips, miracle “systems” and being ripped off  with  poor “information” then you’ve come to the right place! It’s said that 98% of punters fail to make profits backing horses!  So, if you want to be one of the elite 2% who make big profits from betting on horses, then please take time to  read our  proven statistics and results, we’re sure you’ll be impressed! Start investing your money into a proven profitable and reliable service from TODAY!!!

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The minimum subscription fee for 1 month membership: £169
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1 year membership fee: £1320
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Saturday’s Only: £499
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All terms include a SMS text and or email ALERT as a courtesy when each advise made.

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We don’t take auto repeat payments …we feel that is wrong and you should be able to make your own mind up whether or not to renew as and when.

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Testimonial from a long term member:

“Your profits over the long term are second to none and I’d recommend your service to anyone who is serious about making money from racing – which isn’t easy, None the less you’ve done it year on year for as long as I can remember.  
All the best and thanks again.”
SH Surrey

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Proven Profits on All Mainline bets from March 2005 up to and including March 2017 at £200pp stakes = +£197,976* 

pp = per point.  F
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Many thanks for taking the time to read my homepage, we have been running this service successfully now for just over 12 years, which is testimony in itself as we have seen continued profitability, and have built up a service which is long-standing with loyal members who know when they are on to a good thing!

Please feel free to take a long look around my site; I can ensure you that ALL our claims and statistics are 100% accurate and genuine.  I have included a Q&A page but I am always happy to answer any other questions you may have about my service.

Please send any other questions you may have about my service to directly to me via this contact form:

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Kevin Mather (Director)

AP & Kevin at Killarney Races August 2015:
AP & Kevin at Killarney Races August 15

                           We now offer a limited 10% discount on our Mainline Service (All Bets)

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